[VIDEO] Man kills daughter, hangs self in Muranga County

Double tragedy befell a family in Gaturi location after a man strangled his daughter then killed himself.

James Wachira, 28, is reported to have committed the heinous act following a quarrel with his wife.

Neighbours reported hearing a commotion coming from the deceased’s homestead on Monday night.

A relative, Mercy Ndunu, told The Standard that Wachira was a violent man whose actions led to a separation with his wife.

“She left her three children with him and despite being separated, the man would always pick a quarrel each time she came to check on them,” Ms Ndunu said.

On the fateful day, Wachira is said to have found his wife at the house, having come to see her children, and he turned his rage on her forcing her to flee for her life.

Her departure further enraged him and he turned on his step daughter, strangled her, left her lifeless body lying on the floor then disappeared into the night.

His body was later found hanging from a mango tree in his farm.





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