[VIDEO] Man arrested with schoolgirl in his house in Nakuru


Residents of Langa langa Mwisho estate, Nakuru stormed this one roomed rental house Friday to rescue this form three schoolgirl (partly hidden) who had moved in with the young man instead of going to school as the 2014 term one started.

Two teenagers were Friday arrested when irate residents of Langa langa Mwisho estate, Nakuru stormed a one roomed rental house to rescue a form three schoolgirl.

The girl was frogmarched to the area Police post after a gender activist and a group of irate villagers stormed the house and threatened to break in if the teenagers failed to open the door.

The girl, still donning school uniform and carrying a rucksack on her back left peacefully amid boos from residents forcing her to seek refuge at the nearby police post.

The form three student had been released by her parents to go to school as schools opened for the 2014 first term but decided to ‘pass’ by her boyfriend’s house.

Ms Jane Wahu, a gender advocate, said that she received a call from members of the public who were disgusted by the girl’s action.

The girl was flushed from the one roomed house where the two high school teenagers lived.

Ms Wahu advised parents to be taking their children to school on opening days especially young girls.

“Some students especially the young girls do not report to school once released by their parents and it is a growing trend which calls for parents to act,” she said.

Area assistant chief Mr Joseph Macharia said that they arrested the young men and the school girl and handed them to the police for investigations.

He said the girl’s parents had also been contacted and informed of the incident.



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