[VIDEO] Grandmother arrested after near drowning of toddler who was left unattended

The video below shows what happended to the kid after he was left unattended by the grandmother!

The 48 year old grandmother of the two year old near drowning victim has been arrested in connection with the investigation. Chou Vang of Fresno was arrested a short time ago on a single charge of child endangerment resulting in serious injury.

Vang was babysitting the toddler at her residence located in the 8500 block of E Olive Ave when the incident occurred. She and other adults were working in and outside the house while the toddler played with another four year old child in the front yard.

The investigation had revealed Vang left the toddler unattended in the front yard for at least thirty minutes before she was alerted by the other child that something was wrong.

When she responded to the front yard, she found the two year old floating face down in a large fountain. She immediately retrieved the toddler from the fountain and took him inside the house. Another family member began performing CPR on the toddler until deputies and EMS personnel arrived.

The child was transported to Community Regional Medical Center, and then to Children’s Hospital of Central California where he is currently on life support.

Vang was transported to the Fresno County Jail where she is currently being booked on the charge.

Grandmother in near drowning bails out of Fresno County jail


The grandmother of a toddler on life support after a near drowning has bailed out of jail. Chou Vang posted a $25,000 bond Thursday morning and was set free.

Sheriff’s investigators say Vang left the 2 year old unattended in the front yard with a 4 year old for a half hour.

Deputies aren’t revealing any more details about any other circumstances surrounding the arrest but our ABC30 legal analyst says it may be a difficult and emotional case to prove.

Incense burned and a woman performed a religious ceremony at the fountain where a two year old was found floating face down Wednesday afternoon. Deputies say the toddler is not expected to survive.

 Shortly after deputies were called out to the house on Olive near Leonard, detectives turned their attention to the child’s grandmother, who they say was working around the house, not watching the children.

ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi says unless there are some extenuating circumstances, this case could be problematic for prosecutors.

“If they do file charges, which I question in this case, they could be difficult to prove,” said Capozzi. “This child, I’m sure has played in this yard, a number of times and it’s never been a problem. The DA and the people would have to prove that the yard with a fountain in the yard was inherently a dangerous place for a child to play unattended.”

Deputies say the large fountain had about two to three feet of water in it. Investigators say the children were alone for at least a half hour, and then some time after that, the four year old alerted the adults that something was wrong.

Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said, “There are just some details that we learned early on that needed detectives to come out there and take over the investigation.”

Family members grabbed the lifeless boy and performed CPR until emergency crews arrived. Outside the home, some family members were very upset.

Capozzi says the tragedy has been compounded by the 48 year olds arrest. “This woman is not a danger to society, she is not going to be a flight risk, she is going to be there indeed, she is grieving.”

Vang does not have any prior criminal history in Fresno County. If charges are filed and she is convicted, she could face anywhere from one to three years in prison.





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