[VIDEO] Governor Kidero, Lusaka call for truce with Senate

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero says there is need for dialogue between Governors and Senators to diffuse the animosity that is building up following the impeachment of Martin Wambora in Embu.

Speaking ahead of a Governors’ crisis meeting following the impeachment, Kidero said leaders should not use their status or position to target fellow politicians.

He spoke even as some of the Governors summoned by the Senate Standing Committee on Economic and Finance prepared to defend themselves.

“Courts should not be a place to resolve issues if you can talk and discuss and the Governors and Senators just need to meet and talk and agree on how they are going to work together. This whole thing between Governors and Senators is about status and I think this should be determined on the basis of the service we provide to our people. The Senators have their role, the Governors have their role; we need to join hands together to serve our people,” Kidero stated.

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka echoed Kidero’s sentiments while stating that the Governors’ meeting would address ways in which the county chiefs can remain focused on the work at hand.

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“We want to look at the strategy we can use to stem this onslaught on Governors. What strategy we can use to remain focused so that we are not derailed from performing. So we want to come up with a few strategies as to how we can relate because there is need for an urgent meeting between the Governors and Senators because we are all in charge of protecting devolution,” he said.

He reiterated the need for dialogue for the smooth running of county governments.

“We are executing on the ground so that good relationship should be encouraged so that we don’t have what is happening… this talking across board but we are able to read from the same script and push this country forward,” he said.

He underscored the need for County Assemblies to follow the correct procedure when clarifying issues to ensure there is a good relationship between all leaders.

“Under the law, the MCA’s in the county assembly are the ones who are responsible for management of the expenditure. If there is a problem with the expenditure, the starting point should be the County Assembly calling the Executive in charge of finance to explain a few areas that have issues and if the matter is not addressed, then it should proceed to the next level,” he stated.

The Council of Governors has filed a case before the Supreme Court seeking interpretation of the law to determine if Wambora’s removal from office was procedural.

It wants the Supreme Court to determine if the County Assembly is under obligation to accord a Governor an opportunity to respond to the issues raised and to appear before the Assembly or any of its committees before voting on the matter, in the interest of the rules of natural justice and fairness.

They also want to know if the Senate has powers to summon a Governor to personally appear before it to answer questions on public financial management.

On Monday, a lobby group also moved to court to stop the Senate from summoning nine other Governors over alleged financial mismanagement.

A ruling in the case by the International Legal Consultancy Group as urgent is due on Wednesday.





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