[VIDEO] Former Raila top Aide; Owalo has a duty to assist police – DPP

The Director of Public Prosecutions says former PM Raila Odinga’s chief campaigner, Eliud Owalo, has a civic duty like any other Kenyan to give evidence to the police.

In an interview with Capital FM News, DPP Keriako Tobiko asked Owalo to heed calls by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to respond to allegations made against him.

“Every citizen has a civic duty to report crime. In fact, there is crime if you see an offence committed and you do not report the offence. You have a civic duty as a citizen to cooperate with the enforcement agency should you be called upon to do so,” he advised.

He said police were doing what they should do by asking Owalo to record a statement. “The police were purely justified in conducting the investigations.”

According to Tobiko, the allegations are serious and touching on the national security of the country hence, no one should be spared from submitting the required information.

“If the police have received information that suggests any person or group of persons are engaged in activities intended to destabilise the country to cause disruption of law and order, they have an obligation to investigate,” he said.

The DPP said the police would have failed in their duty if the matter is not investigated since they already have the alarming report on the security and unity of the country.

Owalo on Monday declined for a second time to record a statement with the CID over allegations of plotting to destabilise the government.

Owalo who was accompanied by Coalition for Reforms and Democracy supporters to the CID headquarters, said he would not record a statement with the police because he had not been told what crime he had committed, other than the allegations levelled against him.

He however said he would record a statement once the police informed him what offence he had committed.

His lawyer Harun Ndubi said the summonses were indirectly targeting ex-PM Raila Odinga and not Owalo.

Owalo is alleged that he has been enlisting university students and other groups to plan massive demonstrations aimed at destabilizing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

He has maintained that it is propaganda by the Jubilee government due to the challenges it is facing citing the teachers strike that ended last week and the questions raised over how IEBC conducted the March 4 General Election.




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