[VIDEO] Fans mourn Famous “Sundowner” radio broadcaster at KBC in the late 1990s

Nzau Kalulu passed on Monday.

Nzau Kalulu passed on Monday.

Kenyan celebrities and music fans on Wednesday eulogised veteran radio producer Nzau Kalulu, who died on Monday night.

Nzau, who worked at KBC and later for Royal Media, lost the battle to diabetes which he had since childhood. The complication later led to kidney failure and amputation of both legs.

Nzau, who was famous for his music programme Sundowner at KBC in the late 1990s, was hailed by media personalities as a “legend” and a “fighter”.

“It’s five minutes past six, welcome to Sundowner. My name is Nzau Kalulu, the bull that conquers,” was Nzau’s favourite cue in.

His identification as “the bull” may have had to do with the direct translation of his name Nzau, which in Kikamba means bull.

According to Nzau’s account of the events that finally led to his demise, he stumbled in 2009 and hurt his toe which became infected and had to be amputated. Four other toes followed in quick succession.

Nzau Kalulu: Sundowner ‘King’ Dies

The infection, however, continued spreading and his left leg had to be cut off above the knee, and thereafter the second leg.

Nzau took it all in his stride and in an interview with Citizen TV, said: “I may have lost my limbs but the fighting spirit is still intact.”

On Wednesday, media personalities took to social media to eulogise him.

Lilian Muli posted: RIP Nzau Kalulu, my friend, an inspiration and a legend while Maina Kageni said: You were a brilliant influence, especially to my friend Mwalimu Churchill.

Francis Gachuri said: The curtains have fallen on one of the undisputable gurus in the media, Nzau Kalulu, a fighter who cherished life

World Diabetes Day: Nzau Kalulu




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