[VIDEO] Drama as Nyeri police raid illicit brew makers and bars

Nyeri residents were Sunday morning greeted by a heavy police operation directed at illicit brew makers, drinking dens, bars and restaurants that open before time.

The operation which lasted two hours was full of drama with some patrons locking themselves inside a room forcing the police to use an axe to cut through a widow in order to flash tem out.

The mid-morning operation which was led by Nyeri District AP Commander Robert Maingi together with Inspector Lydia Macharia netted 1,500 liters of chang’aanear Muringato river in Gamerock village but the brewers managed to escape arrest.

The officers then proceeded to Giakanja center where they arrested 10 people who were drinking at 11.00 a.m. But the arrest of an 80-year-old patron together with the barmaid at Loliondo Links bar proved a difficult task for the police who had to use an axe to access a room where the two were holed up trying to evade arrest.

After an hour of hacking, the police finally gained entry and managed to flash out the two who were defiant and unapologetic.

A visibly drunk Mr Kanyingi Gichoi shouted at the police asking to be left alone to drink his beer.

“I started drinking in 1950 and I will stop when I die. I was a Mau Mau and it is my time to drink,” said Mr Gichoi.

He claimed to have a lot of money which he said was the proceeds from sale of land and dowry paid to him and could therefore not stay at home. He was shoved into the waiting police car and taken to the cells together with other suspects.

The police then proceeded to Kamakwa estate but empty bars greeted them as patrons appeared to have been already tipped and disappeared in advance.

Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta asked county commissioners to deal decisively with illicit alcohol and drug abuse.




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