[VIDEO] DP Ruto, Majority Leader Duale answers Raila on KDF election stealing claims

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dualeJubilee and CORD leaders are once again at each other’s throats with Jubilee majority leader Aden Duale launching a scathing attack on former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for allegedly claiming that the military together with Chief Justice Willy Mutunga rigged him out of his 2013 presidential win.

Duale said on Sunday that Odinga should stop being a perpetual complainer and focus on leading the opposition from the outside.

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He argued that the ODM leader first accused the Electoral Commission of bungling his win then he accused the National Intelligence Service of the same before later changing his tune to accuse the Supreme Court.

Duale asked the former Premier to come out and declare who particularly took away his win because the country needed to focus on its development agenda.

“We are going to leave the former Prime Minister for what he is known for. He laments from January to December; that is what we know him for and that is his character. We cannot change it,” said Duale.

Odinga had been quoted by the Sunday Standard accusing the Kenya Defence Forces and the Chief Justice of stealing his election while speaking at a rally in Kisumu on Saturday.

Fellow CORD principals also accused the Jubilee government of a host of other infamies including the deliberate attempt to derail devolution.

But the outspoken Duale maintained that the government would continue striving to deliver its promises and would not be hoodwinked by such tirades.

“I will take that statement with the contempt that it deserves and I think because of age we will forgive him,” retorted Duale.

The two coalitions have time and again maligned each other over various topics including the appointments of parastatal heads and now the concerns surrounding devolution.

However some CORD members have started warming up to the Jubilee team risking repercussions from their sponsoring coalition.

“Kenyans went into the elections and elected President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto. They gave jubilee super majority in Parliament with 165 in the National Assembly and a super majority in the Senate,” pointed out Duale.

He was also quick to note that the Supreme Court validated Kenyatta’s and Ruto’s win granting them their five year term.




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