[VIDEO] Donald Trump to protester: ‘Go home to mommy! Tell her to tuck you in bed’

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump taunted a protester at length during a Monday-afternoon campaign rally.

“Uh oh, we have another one,” Trump lamented after his Concord, North Carolina, event was interrupted by yet another heckler.

Trump, who has mocked past protesters for their “little” voices, repeatedly told this one to go home to “mommy.”

He said:

All right, get him out of here. Get out of here! Looks like a nice, little guy, actually. Go home to mommy. Go home. Bye! Go home to mommy! Go home to mommy! Tell her to tuck you in bed. Ah, he’s such a nice guy. Nasty, little guy. I’ll tell you, nasty people. Man! Are you sure we’re in North Carolina? He’s a nasty guy! Nah, he’ll go home to mom now.

Trump was also condescending to another protester at his Monday rally.

“Are you OK, honey?” he asked as another one of his critics was apparently escorted out of the event. “Oh, the protester just tripped. Oh, they’re going to blame us. They’re going to blame Trump! She tripped. Nobody was touching her!”

At the same event, Trump began referring to isolated hecklers as “singles.”

“So we’ve had three singles so far,” he said at another point in the speech.

He continued:

I’ll tell you what: Where do these people come from? Oh, we have another one — another single. Get out of here. Get out of here. Get out of here. I didn’t think you had people like that in North Carolina. Get out of here. Hey, you know, folks, it’s interesting.

Trump wasn’t bothered by all of his protesters on Monday, however. The billionaire later shrugged off one of his critics who apparently wasn’t especially disruptive.

“That’s OK. Don’t worry about him,” he said. “He’s a quiet protester, I can’t even hear him. I know he’s protesting. I’ve been watching, but I don’t see anything coming out of his mouth.”



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