Citizen TV Bans Collo And P-Unit’s “You Guy” Video;too explicit for prime TV airing

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This i must admit is the first time i’ve ever heard of a Kenyan song being banned by a Kenyan station for being too raunchy!

The video which was shot by Clarence Peters features a bevy of beauties dancing along to the song as they parade their beauty. That is before a voluptuous beauty showcases her buxom buttocks for all the lads to enjoy(PS, her name isVera Sidika, Twitter handle: @vee_beiby). Well, according to Citizen tv, that is all too raunchy for Kenyan tv. And they have decided to clean up their airwaves… Indeed.

And here is a statement they released -ok, here is a portion of the statement they released:
“the video is too explicit for prime TV airing and while the show targets youthful adults, there is evidently a very young audience too due to the fact that it is an interesting show that also shows during hours when most working adults are not even home to watch any TV”





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