[VIDEO] Cheating Embu pastor asks church forgiveness


A clergyman from a church in Embu town who was allegedly busted in a hotel room with a faithful’s wife, On Sunday addressed his congregation and asked for forgiveness.

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Pastor Anthony Maina of the Kenya assemblies of God, Eastern gate church showed up with his wife Beth Maina, and two children, but said he had not committed adultery with the woman when they were flushed out of a hotel room at Karatina town, Nyeri County.

“I want to make it very clear that I am not here to defend myself, I am here to let everyone in Kenya know I committed a mistake, and the person I have committed the biggest mistake is my God, I have sought forgiveness from God. The press saved me because I would have committed more sins. Your coming appears to have stopped worse things,” he said.

Rev Maina had skipped the morning mass and only showed up at around 1pm, after the service had ended.

Eastern District KAG Bishop Moses Muthee who preached to the congregation, announced the church had suspended the clergyman for an unspecified duration, pending probe.

He said pastor Maina would be stopped from any duties until the church leadership decides his fate.

 “According to the KAG doctrines, the pastor has committed a crime which goes against the teachings of God and thus he cannot continue serving in the church, and from now on, the regional office will appoint another bishop,” he said.

On Sunday, the embattled cleric received a heroes’ welcome from his congregation and said he had made peace with his family and asked them to forgive him too.

“I want to clear the air that the church of God will continue even in my absence, and even if I had died, the church would have still continued,” he said.

Ms Maina said they had forgiven their father after the incident, saying they have to stand together and forge forward as a family.

“My husband is a wounded soldier, and like in the military, when one soldier is wounded, they assist him and not leaving him, and thus the church should support him in recovery,” she said.




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