[VIDEO] Afande Mtaani: Kenya Police TV Reality Show Coming SOON

Hot PoliceThe Kenyan film level is going to a whole new level and I love how Kenyans are venturing into whole new aspects of film. After ‘The Big Brother The Chase’ Reality show, you can be sure of another reality show that will keep you hooked on your screen. For the first time ever, a Kenyan Police reality show is set to air and will feature real police and real events. The show dubbed ‘Afande Mtaani’ is a show aimed to foster a good relationship between the police and civilians seeing as the relationship has taken a turn for the worse over the years.

The will be captivating series which will be hottest by very hot feamle cop- Officer Chemu alongside her male counterpart Officer Qwacheez. In the show the two will go deep into streets and towns and hang out with Civilians in their hangouts without any security or Police Priviledges and address issues that affect the relationship between citizens and the Police.
From Sanaa TV Youtube Chanel,
This is an interactive TV show featuring Kenya police officers aimed at bettering the relationship between the Police and the general public through open barazas (discussion forums) where people in attendance will be taught community policing, civic education and humanitarian understanding. Starring Officer Qwacheez and Officer Chemu. Produced by Sanaa Zote Productions 2013. Created and Directed by David ‘Kabash’ Kinyanjui, Camera by Jim Bishop and Dru Mungai, Edited at Sanaa Zote Productions Ltd by Solari John.

Afande Mtaani Promo. The first ever Kenya Police reality TV show.



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