Veteran politician Kenneth Matiba dies aged 85

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Veteran Kenyan politician Kenneth Matiba

Kenneth Matiba, an icon of Kenya’s second liberation of the 1990s is dead.

Matiba, who was in his mid-eighties died Sunday evening at a city hospital where he has been undergoing treatment.

He has been ailing for several years since he suffered a stroke while in detention during the struggle for multi-partyism.
Late last year, the High Court enhanced compensation to be paid to the multi-party hero to Sh945 million.

The State had earlier been ordered to pay Matiba Sh504 million.

Matiba was arrested with others, including Charles Rubia, and detained for agitating for the return of multi-party democracy during former President Daniel arap Moi’s regime.

While in detention, Matiba suffered a stroke but remained in custody without medical care.

The court ruled that his medical condition, triggered by the events in detention leading to his stroke, “greatly affected the business acumen, attention, focus, energy, guidance and leadership he was giving his companies that without him at the helm, they deteriorated and some eventually collapsed.”

Matiba said an audit of the estate revealed that he lost more than Sh2 billion in commercial real estate and a further Sh2 billion in privately held shares.



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