US R&B Star Brandy Performs To An Empty Stadium In South Africa

brandy in SA1Brandy was scheduled to perform at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture day in Johannesburg on Saturday. Unfortunately, the singer discovered an empty stadium when she hit the stage.

Apparently no one bothered to get the word out about Brandy’s performance. Since those in attendance didn’t know she was around, they packed up their things and left moments before her set was slated to begin. Needless to say she was pretty upset.

According to several reports on Twitter, the stadium was nearly empty by the time Brandy was ready to perform. Although some claim the venue was completely empty, other folks said there were maybe 40 people in attendance. Either way, Brandy was clearly unhappy about the situation.

After performing only two songs to the people who stuck around, she decided to cut her set short. Instead of pleasing the fans who stayed to see her concert, she reportedly couldn’t handle the disappointment and fled the scene.

“Anyone checked on Brandy this morning or did she go straight from the empty stadium to airport?” one individual tweeted following the mishap.

brandy in SA

No one from the singer’s camp has commented on the situation as of this writing. It remains unclear who is at fault for the miscommunication. Chances are the singer and the event organizers will blame each other for the problem if and when they decide to speak out about the situation.

There’s not a lot of information about Brandy’s encounter with the empty stadium in South Africa available at the moment. However, that hasn’t stopped Twitter users from commenting on the matter.

You can find some of their reactions to the news below.
Of course, not everyone was having a laugh.
brandy in SA2

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