Uproar as one community dominates nominees list in Nakuru County


Nakuru County Governor Kinuthia Mbugua


TNA nominated 11 Kikuyus out of 13 that was available for the party.

Nakuru County governor Kinuthia Mbugua has found himself in the middle of a raging storm after the list of TNA nominees to the county assembly were made public.

Although Mr Mbugua who was elected on a TNA ticket denied having any hand in the formation of the list, critics continued to point an accusing finger at him claiming that the list favoured only one community.

On Tuesday, former National Cohesion and Integration Commission commissioner Rev Lawrence Bomett together with other local leaders asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to intervene and ensure that the list is nullified.

“The list is heavily skewed in favour of one community… this has raised a lot of anger and bitterness even in the social media,” Rev Bomett said.

Rev Bomett said that the list of nominees should reflect ethnic diversity and the interest of the minority groups.

“The buck stops at the door of the governor. He should explain to the people how that list was arrived at… this is unacceptable,” he said.

Mr Mbugua has however distanced himself from the controversy and called for a review of the whole list which was published by the IEBC last Saturday.

According to the IEBC list, TNA nominated 11 Kikuyus out of 13 that was available for the party.

Rock Jubilee

The controversy threatens to rock the Jubilee coalition in the region, with URP crying foul.

Mr Mbugua has also expressed concern that the list was being dominated by one particular ethnic community. He noted that the TNA list displayed ethnic imbalance, partiality and favouritism, adding that qualified and eligible candidates ought to be nominated.

However, he dispelled claims that he had nominated his relative as claimed by some social media users, and accused his rivals of staging a smear campaign against him.

He said that he was not related in any way to Emma Wambui Mbugua but added that she has a right to be nominated as a resident of Nakuru County.

On Tuesday, the governor unveiled a panel that will oversee the formation of the County Public Service Board on Monday afternoon.

He urged them to uphold high levels of integrity, independence, commitment and impartiality when discharging their duties.

He called on them to shun influenced from individuals or any inducements and abide by Chapter Six of the constitution on integrity.

Mr Mbugua appealed to the selection panel to consider ethnic diversity, gender, age, regional balance and professionalism as key elements for qualification for the board members.




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