UN:Kenya polls a case study in peace

ICC+pxKenya’s “relatively peaceful” polls serve as an example of how electoral disagreements can be addressed without recourse to violence, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared on Monday.

Mr Ban offered that observation at the start of a UN Security Council debate on ways to anticipate, prevent and respond to conflicts in Africa.

The UN leader also cautioned that elections could be a potential source of instability in some African countries, 20 of which are scheduled to hold national polls this year.

Poor governance

“Conflicts breed where there is poor governance, human rights abuses and grievances over the unequal distribution of resources, wealth and power,” Mr Ban told the 15-member body in an opening address, pledging continued UN support for efforts by regional African organisations to prevent conflict.

In a statement, the Council also stressed that tackling the root causes of conflict was crucial to ensuring sustainable peace, in addition to partnership and cooperation between regional and sub-regional organisations in supporting conflict prevention and peace-building.-Nation



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