Trader:How I lost Sh90m in land deal

landA property dealer lost Sh90 million in a 100-acre land deal that turned out to be fake, a court was told on Monday.

Mr George Gacheru Mungai of Gachewa Group of Companies said he paid some people Sh90 million in exchange for the land in Isinya, Kajiado County, but which he later learnt belonged to a different company.

He claimed he paid the money to Ms Irene Wangui Waweru, her daughters Ann and Joyce, Mr Frederick Kinyanjui and his wife Regina.

Others whom Mr Mungai identified as having been involved in the transaction are Mr Njeru Ngai, Mr Gerald Gachau and Ms Charity Njeru.

The land was registered in the name of Fredrick, Irene and Njeru, who were introduced to him by a Mr ole Muniu a land agent.

“I carried out a search at the Lands ministry and established the land was registered in the names of Fredrick, Irene and Njeru in May 1990,” Mr Mungai said on cross-examination by lawyer Kiraithe Wandugi for the sellers.

He paid the sellers Sh90 million in two instalments of Sh9 million on March 7, 2011, and Sh81 million on April 11, 2011.

On March 11, the same year, a sale agreement was prepared and Mr Mungai was handed the original title in the name of Thornhill Holdings Limited at Kajiado land registry.

Mr Mungai said his surveyor was ordered out of the land by police who told him that the land belonged to a company called Lejon owned by Mr John Harun and Mr Bedan Mbugua.
The accused, who have denied stealing the money, are out on bond.

Wandugi: Did the Kajiado land registrar say that he did not issue the title for the land to Fredrick, Irene and Njeru?

Mungai: No he has never faulted the title deed.

Mr Wandugi told the court that the land was legally transferred to the complainant and that those others claiming ownership were frustrating him.

“That is not so because the land registrar summoned all the parties claiming ownership and told us point blank that the land belongs to Lejon,” Mr Mungai responded as he demanded his money back.

The hearing resumes on July 16.




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