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I read this article on the top 10 wedding venues in Kenya with mild amusement. Why you ask? Because for one, all ten venues are in Nairobi.  And secondly, some of those locations were quite suspect to me. They wouldn’t even rank in the top 30 wedding venues in Kenya. Pizza Garden? Shade Hotel? Boulevard Hotel?


Also, I think the list favoured hotels [Sankara is already featuring… like really?]  and while I agree that Safari Park and Windsor are definitely in the top 10, none of the other hotels featured really deserve to be there.

And since I am Ciiku, I decided to come up with a list of what I believe to be the Top 10 Wedding Venues in Kenya. This list is based purely on: invitations to weddings received by me or any member of my family RECENTLY and on venues visited during the planning of our wedding. The list includes venues that I believe hold at least 300 people [So I will not be putting Serena in the list].

The list is in no particular order [although in all honesty, I think Jockey Club or Safari Park will be number 1]:

  1. Safari Park Hotel – Despite the road construction and the traffic on Thika Road, Safari Park seems to be a favorite when it comes to weddings. We considered it when I was still in the “ball room wedding” phase but they did not have enough room to accommodate us.
  2. Jockey Club – This is also a favourite.
  3. Naivasha Sopa [Most of the weddings in Naivasha either seem to be at Sopa or Lake Naivasha Country Lodge – Correct me if I am wrong]
  4. Karen Blixen – I do not even need to explain this one
  5. Windsor Golf and Country Hotel – I have heard that their wedding package comes with a cake. I have also heard that you should STILL get a cake from a proper wedding cake vendor [heresay].
  6. Wanderjoy – These are the tent vendors who have grounds along Kiambu Road. It has recently become quite a favorite.
  7. Kenya High School – I love this venue – for a photo session. Especially if you are going for the editorial style shoot.
  8. Karen Country Lodge – This is a new-ish venue but has picked up momentum!
  9. Member’s clubs – Royal Golf, Nairobi Club and Limuru Golf Club [as far as I can tell]
  10. Langata Botanical Gardens – Granted, I have NEVER been here but I know someone who went to try and see if the venue was free on their day and they were informed that all Saturdays had been booked for like 2 months. If that is not “Top 10″, I don’t know what is.
Special mention:
  • Tayiana Garden and Spa – We went for two weddings on two consecutive Saturdays at Tayiana. I really don’t know how I feel about the lack of parking but it seems like a popular place for a wedding
  • St Austin’s School – It seems that almost every Saturday I am on James Gichuru, there is a wedding being held here.
Please note that there are MANY and I do mean MANY venues I have not even mentioned, but this is what came to me as I wrote this post.
You are welcome to post any venues that I have omited in the comments below. Especially wedding venues in other towns such as Eldoret [Ken Mosa], Nakuru [Lion Hill… etc], Mombasa [Whitesands, Serena… etc] or whatever town you know has an awesome “Top 10 – fan favorite” wedding venue.

I was thinking that maybe with all the research I have done, maybe I should share with some prospective brides/grooms who are looking to do a wedding in Kenya. For anyone with more questions, email me

Place Cost Cost inclusive of Parking Time
Karen Blixen 60,000 for grounds, 12,000 for parking Grounds and parking Yes Can have evening party there.
Arboretum 30,000 Grounds, water, security Enough No Lights – Leave by 6
Nairobi Museum 60,000 Courtyard only Very suitable for evening weddings when the museum is closed to the public
Karen Country Lodge 1,650 per plate Grounds, food Enough Leave early – Noise
Jockey Club Depends on whether you get a member or not. Grounds, toilets Enough
Nairobi Club 20,000 for groundsMenu for food between 850 and 1,150[need a member to book the place] Grounds, toilets [for 100 people], security, water Enough No limit
Royal Palm Gardens 60,000 Grounds Have to leave early
Valencia Gardens 1,650 per person Grounds, food, tables, tents and chairs plus parking Not enough but will enquire from neighbours Have to leave early
St. Christophers 55,000 Grounds and ToiletsRefundable 5,000 if you leave the grounds clean.Need your own security Enough

Disclaimer: The list is by no means exhaustive. There are grounds such as:

  • Florienta in Rosslyn
  • Tipuana
  • Tayiana Gardens
  • Windsor
  • Wanderjoy
  • Thomas Barnados
  • Langata Botanical

I could seriously go on but I had already cut off some of these grounds and therefore did not see it necessary to request for a quote.

Also, note that if grounds are located in a residential area such as Karen Country Lodge, with the new NEMA laws, you have to turn down your volume by 6 PM and will probably not enjoy your evening party there.

These quotes were received between August and October 2010 and will probably change in 2011.

The Prices

So I asked people to email me the cost of grounds in Nairobi and I got some.


But some.

So I decided to call random places and ask them for their charges for grounds only. Because I love my readers like that, even though sometimes I doubt their love for me. But whatever. I doubt there is any Kenyan Wedding Website that is awesome as this one or has this much information.

And I do not even get paid to do this. I may be a fool.


  1. Nairobi Club – We paid Kshs 20,000 for the grounds only. This came with enough toilets for the 600 guests, someone to take care of the toilets, tissue, handwash and enough parking. I do not know if the prices have gone up? You have to use their food as I have mentioned earlier.
  2. Nairobi Arboretum – Kshs 30,000 for the grounds. I know you have to take care of the toilets and whatnot but parking will be enough.
  3. Oak Place Conference Centre (Garden Estate, Off Kiambu Road) – Kshs 160,000. Ok, this is ridiculous but it is the price. I know there are toilets but I am not sure whether there is someone to take care of them. Parking is definitely an issue.
  4. Cooper Centre – In Loresho. Kshs 40,000. The parking and toilets are enough. They do not give you the toilet stuff and also you hire someone to take care of the toilets.
  5. Wanderjoy – Kshs 80,000. The parking is enough and the last time I was there, there were no toilets. (Has this changed??) Parking should be enough. Also as a side note, you cannot use another tent vendor on their grounds. You have to go with them.
  6. Jockey Club – Kshs 92,000. This is the last price that I have. The parking is enough and there are toilets on site. I know you have to bring your own tissue and there is no one to man them so…..
  7. Tayiana Garden (Ridgeways, Off Kiambu Road) – Kshs 65,000. The parking is not enough. You have to come with EVERYTHING (toilet paper, security). You just get the grounds with this one.
  8. Langata Botanical – Kshs 75,000. I have no idea the parking situation on this one (anyone?) but they have enough toilets and they give you the toilet stuff. Sidenote: You have to use their tents.
  9. Limuru Club – Kshs 70,000. Like Nairobi Club, a member has to book for you (but this is just formality). You do not need to use their catering services. Enough parking.
All the above grounds can be used for a garden wedding.
PS: I really could have called more places but the credit on my incognito phone (the one I use rarely) got finished as I was talking to the lady for Langata Botanical.
PPS: So if you feel assisted with this information, feel free to send me the pin for ZAIN Airtel credit to my email address. I’m kidding. Kind of.

More Venues:

If you have any more venues please share..



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