This Site Pays Developers When It Finds Them a Job

One startup, Developer Auction, is looking to change how finding a job works for developers by having the employers come to them rather than the other way around.

When the service helps developers find a job, it’s also now offering those developers 20% of its recruitment fees, sometimes putting an additional $6,000 in a developer’s pocket.

“The top developers are 25 times more effective than the average developer, but their salaries don’t reflect that,” Developer Auction co-founder Matt Mickiewicz told Mashable. “We want to put more money in the pockets of people who are doing the hard grind day in and day out ”

Somewhat like a traditional auction, top developers are listed for a period of time. During that time companies can bid on potential employees, letting them know up front what they would be willing to pay a developer to join their team, including perks and signing bonuses, all before the two sit down for an interview.

“Engineers get approached by startups and recruiters dozens of times a year, the problem is sorting out which opportunities are worth pursuing,” says Mickiewicz. “With Developer Auction we’re flipping the traditional model on its head, by having employers submit offers first, and interview later.”

No stranger to flipping the traditional model, Mickiewicz previously founded design firm 99designs.

Developer Auction just held its first auction in August and recently reached a total of 3,048 developers on its waiting list to be included in the next round. Creating a profile on the site is free, but only the top 150 developers will be represented in a particular auction, making the service exceptionally competitive.

More than 574 employers have registered to use the service to find new employees, including big names such as LivingSocial, Parse, Shopzilla, Facebook, Zynga, Jawbone and Tagged.

What happens in most cases after a 14-day auction period is that developers have 5 to 10 legitimate job offers, or rather offers to interview, on the table. Developers also know up front what each of those employers is willing to offer them if they do in fact ultimately decide to offer them a job.

There’s no obligation for developers to accept any offer made to them, however, employers are required to honor any offer they make on Developer Auction if they decide to hire a particular person.

When it makes a successful match, Developer Auction gets a recruitment fee from the employer of 15% the annual salary it hired that employee for. The company is now giving 20% of that fee back to developers, so a developer who was hired for $100,000 would get a $3,000 check from Developer Auction when he or she signs a contract with a new employer.



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