Thika Municipal Council workers kicked out as Kabogo takes offices

kabogoKiambu Governor William Kabogo on Friday took over the entire Thika Town Hall offices.

He and his team now occupy the one-storey building which used to house the mayor, town clerk, town treasurer and engineer.

Most former Thika Municipal Council workers were kicked out on Friday while chief officers were given a week to move out.

The Thika town clerk has been pushed to the public health department on the ground floor while some workers now operate from the community hall and Thika Stadium.

Mr Kabogo said last month the county offices would be temporarily located at Thika town hall while permanent premises were being built in Kiambu town.

Though Kiambu town has adequate council offices and a debating chamber formerly used by councillors, Mr Kabogo has snubbed them, insisting Kiambu is unsuitable for him.

Some workers were fearful that vital documents, particularly from the planning, engineering and town clerk’s departments, might be misplaced or lost during the hasty move.

Mr Kabogo said he would furnish and staff the temporary governor’s offices in Thika town.

The shifting of the county headquarters from Kiambu town to Thika has been widely criticised.




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