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Teacher Wanjiku

Like a thunderbolt, Pulse shocked the world last Thursday after releasing details on how celebrated gospel singer Size 8 and her brother in Christ DJ Mo, tied the knot secretly before moving in together as husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony took place at Size 8’s father’s residence on a Monday, sometime last month. Only a few invited guest were present. Even close friends in the gospel fraternity and those close within System Unit, the ministry in which the two serve, only got the news through Pulse.

The two had wedding bands and none wore them until we broke the news for fear of contradiction. They were living under one roof and privately so till the day someone somewhere would somehow find out.

Earlier in the year, we had speculated about this sweet affair after Pulse tracked the two during a gospel tour in Mombasa. That notwithstanding, since we broke the news last week, social blogs have been awash with rumours on alleged affairs the two are said to have gone through till they settled together — one of which is said to involve a celebrated radio and TV personality.

As juicy as the stories sound to the ear, Pulse can’t authenticate them. In fact, as soon as the marriage news broke, DJ Mo who has been elusive to the media, only admitted that he and Size 8 were married before taking off to Rwanda where he still was by the time of going to press.

It is said that the latest development has left many wounds among individuals who were either dating or aspiring to be in a relationship with the two celebrities. Two ladies have since claimed having known DJ Mo romantically with one threatening to spill the beans.

It was the same drama that ensued in December, last year, when yet another gospel big wig J Blessing broke up his engagement with his fiancée, a prominent radio presenter before cohabiting with secular singer Chantelle, her of the Tokelezea hit and Lies that Bind TV drama show.

A similar incident had happened a year before, two incidents even. Then gospel lovebirds Victor Mbuvi and Kambua Manundu part ways just when everyone was expecting their wedding bells. Months on, all the heartbroken Mbuvi could do was to send a wedding gift to Kambua and her preacher fiancé as he went out of town on the day of their wedding.

Emmy Kosgei’s story seemed to follow a similar script, a painful one for that matter that her ex-boyfriend ended up marrying barely six months after they broke up.

Lately, the showbiz scene has been a hot bed of controversial marriages and flings — so much that a month would hardly pass before someone gets exposed in the mix.

The latest hot gossip in town is that of Teacher Wanjiku, the hilarious Churchill show character that — according to the grapevine — is about to tie the knot with her best friend’s husband.

According to a close friend of the two, the wedding is set to take place on November 30. Furthermore, it is rumoured that the two have been living together for months now.

“Those are all rumours. Teacher Wanjiku is a focused person who does not want to get involved in such matters,” declared the comedian’s publicist, one of the directors at Laugh Industry. However, Pulse managed to get the inside story on how this affair is rocking the local acting world.

Another hot affair in town involves a top gospel Sunday show TV presenter and a city pastor with the two expected to tie the knot late next month.

Another shocker was former KTN presenter Malaa Kivila’s wedding — two weeks ago — that left Nairobi talking.

Let’s have a peep into some of these secret affairs:

When Brenda and Juliani started dating

After Pulse captured them on camera one Sunday morning sharing scoops of ice cream at Java, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, the two swung into denial mood before finally admitting they were indeed an item. It has been two years since, and the two lovebirds have been attending public functions together and helping each other with individual projects.

In a recent media interview, Juliani revealed that they actually met through Facebook. Juliani had requested his fans to join him during a charity event at Korogocho slums and amazingly, Brenda Wairimu was the first to respond. The rapper was shocked that the celebrity uptown beauty could support such a slum project.

But there she was, melting Juliani’s heart during a most unlikely occasion.

“A mutual friend of ours hooked us up when I was hosting the project. She is a girl who likes her privacy and we are focused on our careers. There are no marriage plans yet,” Juliani told Pulse.

However, wedding plans or not, Pulse can reveal that the two are experiencing a fully blown affair and have been living together (of course with temporary breaks in between). Some months back, Juliani openly said he was still looking for dowry before he would think of settling with her. Pulse can confirm that the affair is now a family matter with Juliani having been introduced formally to Brenda’s family. And whether a wedding is soon to happen or not, this is as good as a done deal. According to the new laws on matters cohabitation, the two could soon be declared man and wife. So haters, get off the way.

How Emmy met Madubuko in Mombasa

When we broke the news on Emmy getting married to a Nigerian preacher last year, many took the news with a pinch of salt. To date, no one has ever said how this two really met. Well, Emmy had just broken her affair with her prospective fiancé when she got an invite to attend a Jesus Christian Centre convention in Mombasa where Anslem — a long-time friend of Bishop Wilfred Lai — was the guest minister.

The two were being housed at the PCEA-owned Milele Beach Hotel and it was during one of those evenings that the two had a private moment after which follow up meetings were arranged. The only person who knew details of the affair was Wilfred Lai. However, a few men of God got wind of the developments before Pulse got it out to the public.

It still remains flattering how Emmy denied it all, that until a month before the wedding.

When did Gloria Muliro get married to a Congolese?

Until last month when award-winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro introduced her preacher husband Eric Omba to the media during her thanksgiving dinner party, only few of her fans knew she was really married. Well on the April 24, 2010 the two became man and wife during a colourful wedding ceremony held at the PCEA Guest House, Nairobi West.

Gloria was not so much of a public figure. In fact, many thought Gloria was simply launching her new album then, as indeed, the occasion was used for the same purpose. Bishop Thomas Imende of New Hope Church, Makadara officiated the wedding assisted by his wife Reverend Rebecca Imende who preached at the ceremony. And yes, Gloria’s husband is a musician too.

How Maurice and Shamillah planned marriage on their first month of dating

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO recently made headlines by converting to Islam and marrying Shamillah. This came as a surprise and shocking news of equal measure to many, but Maurice stayed firm on his decision. Okoth confesses that it was a small sacrifice to make for the sassy Khadija to rescind his Christianity because “I truly love her.” “We met nine months ago and dated for a month.

By the end of the month, we decided to get married. We planned for a private, short and family-only traditional Muslim wedding, but when I mentioned it in passing during a recent interview, it became the big story. And if anyone noticed, not even a member from my family attended the wedding. There are plans for a white wedding next year in April,” he told Pulse.

So Yvonne Darcq is married?

Following her hiatus from the music scene three years ago, the versatile Yvonne Darcq recently revealed to Pulse that she is married. “We want to keep it a mystery for now. We are marketing her for who she is (her music and art life), and not her private life. When the time is right, people will get to know about it,” declared her manager Jacque.

D7 and Ezra’s unplanned baby

Mary Munyali aka D7 became talk of town after Pulse unveiled her as the youngest deejay in town, mid-last year. The chocolate beauty then made a spinning dip as she took a showbiz debut. D7 had gotten ‘paged’. Everyone wanted to know whom she had been dating as few had access to her private life, and it became known when Pulse got the exclusive go ahead revealing Ezra as the baby daddy.

Taking care of their bundle of joy, Prince Ezra, D7 told Pulse that even though the pregnancy might not have been planned, she is ready and happy about becoming a young mother; something she says won’t negatively affect her entertainment career.

K Letta and Mwalimu Rachael’s affair

When Pulse interviewed bad boy K Letta in March after getting wind he was dating the popular radio girl Mwalimu Rachael, the soft-spoken rapper vehemently denied rumours that he was seeing her.

“We find each other’s company fitting and spend a lot of time together,” K-Letta told Pulse. K Letta went further to deny speculation that he was responsible for Rachael’s pregnancy.

Early July, Rachael gave birth to Jabari Johnson Osore, the kid having K Letta’s surname.

Betty Bayo’s unfortunate exposé

Gospel artiste Betty Bayo was secretly married early last year to a man she only described as ‘a good man with a good heart’. And life moved on. The talented artiste, who has churned hits like Siyabonga and Eleventh hour, has managed to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of Kenyans until mid this year.

An investigative piece that aired on a local television about men of God preying on unsuspecting and naïve congregation revealed one pastor who was accused of fleecing Kenyans with the promise of miracles in exchange of cash. It also emerged that he is allegedly Betty’s husband.

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