Thika road blast scene

Thika road blast scene

Kenya is likely to face a large scale terror attack during the morning rush hour or during the evening rush hour.

After a critical analysis of terrorist trends and attacks in the country in the past three months, terrorists have used evenings as their choice time to stage attacks.

This trend is likely to change to morning rush hour when almost all those going to work are anxious and less alert.

Morning rush hour provides great opportunity to the terrorists since they can pick a target from a location that is completely unsecured by police.

Traffic jams will provide the best environment to detonate explosives and cause massive causalities due to lack of escape routes.

Explosions in the morning can have the desired trickle down effect since vehicles jammed next to each other will be affected by the parent blast.

We advise police and related security organs to check all public service vehicles operating in the morning for explosives which are most likely to be implanted or attached to the vehicles at night.

This advisory is based on recent terrorists strategies in Mogadishu where bombs were attached to vehicles when parked and detonated when targets board them.

Most public service buses and vehicles are parked at designated areas such as petrol stations and garages. Terrorists are likely to deploy and attach explosives on such vehicles and detonate them when passengers are on-board.

The recent Nigerian morning rush hour bomb strategy is very likely to be replicated in Kenya.

It is also advisable for passengers to insist the the bus or vehicle be thoroughly checked for explosives before it is driven off.

-Intelligence Briefs



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