Six Teenagers Caught Having Sex At The Nairobi Arboretum Grounds

Nairobi ArboretumIt’s the holiday season and people are up to several activities as you are about to find out,the teenagers are on their own irresponsible activities as well. According to sources from the city’s picnic site,6 school going teenagers were yesterday caught in the act by the guards,the students paired into three couples and decided to have a “picnic adventure” deep in the mini forest. Speaking exclusively to NE,the guard who sought anonymity reveals that this has been a problem to them especially during the holiday season as the students seem to resolve into doing the unimaginable in the facility.

The guards acting on a tip off busted the teenagers as they were deep into the act and immediately arrested them. This isn’t the first time an arrest has been made as we find out,earlier last week a couple also teenagers were caught.Its emerging most of the teenagers since they don’t have rooms resolve into using the site to quench their uncalled for thirst. This development has thrown the management into a crisis meeting on how best to maintain the dignity and discipline in the site,it’s proving to be a problem since its open to the public and doesn’t have stiff restrictions.

Some Images below courtesy of Ghafla!

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Photos by Ghafla!



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