Talks to resolve Tuskys family row over Sh1.6bn collapse

imagesArbitration talks to resolve a Tuskys Supermarket dispute over Sh1.6 billion have collapsed.

Mr Yusuf Mugweru Kamau, one of the supermarket chain’s directors, has filed a notice in court, stating that the informal mediation ordered by Mr Justice Mohammed Warsame to resolve the row with his three brothers, who are also directors of the company, had broken down.

Mr Mugweru now wants the court to lift an order barring investigations into alleged misappropriation of Sh1.6 billion from the company’s accounts by his brothers and co-directors Stephen Mukuha Kamau, George Gachwe Kamau and Frank Kamau.

Through lawyer Philip Murgor, Mr Mugweru blamed his brother, Mr Mukuha, for disregarding his contributions during the mediation talks, leading to their collapse.

“Mr Mugweru has been forced to withdraw from the talks and wants orders stopping criminal prosecution of the co-directors set aside,” said Mr Murgor.

He added that they will resist attempts to have the matter heard in camera since the brothers had been abusing the media curfew imposed by Mr Justice Warsame when he was handling the matter.

Mr Justice Warsame last year locked out the media from covering the proceedings when he directed the feuding family members to have arbitration talks to resolve the dispute.

The row started in April last year when police received a complaint from Mr Mugweru asking them to investigate allegations that Mr Mukuha (managing director), Mr Gachwe (purchasing director) and Mr Frank Kamau (financial director) had stolen Sh1.64 billion from the firm.

Police obtained warrants to search the supermarket’s premises and check the accounts after they were satisfied that there was reasonable cause to open an investigation.

The three directors obtained orders stopping the police from executing warrants of investigation obtained from a magistrate’s court to search the company’s head office on Mombasa Road.-Nation



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