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Suli Breaks-Spoken Word:I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”600″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=D-eVF_G_p-Y&width=600&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep4234″ /] “I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate” picks up on the education topic but takes a different stance and angle… Read more »

Suli Breaks-Spoken Word:The American’T Dream (The Purse Suit Of Happyness)

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”600″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=tzcxOl4b7IA&width=600&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8250″ /] “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs…”-Tony Gaskins Definition of The American’T Dream * The American’t… Read more »

Suli Breaks-Spoken Word:Why I Hate School But Love Education

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”600″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=y_ZmM7zPLyI&width=600&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep5490″ /] As the cyclical and seemingly never ending debate about education rages on, the topic – somewhat ironically, often poses more questions than it… Read more »