Stella Mwangi: – It was a nightmare to get such accusations

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Stella Mwangi says she has been very depressed for several months and has had to take medicines for anxiety. “But it was the music that saved me again,” she said.

Stella Mwangi (31) told NRK that it was very tough to be accused of not stopping from a traffic accident – especially since her own father was killed and killed.

NRK states: In a previous version of this article, Stella Mwangi was believed to be the first woman to drink after she parked her car. This has now been changed. The court thought it was predominantly likely that Mwangi drove in a drunk state, but that her explanation of the course of events could not be excluded.

“I have been nervous, afraid and felt like I have no voice. But it has been very good after the trial, when the part of the accusation that was most provocative was drawn. That’s the one that was about amateur driving.

It says Stella Mwangi, who says she has had a tough period after she was arrested by the police in September last year.

According to the original accusation, the police believed that Mwangi was drunk when she drove down Bernt Anker’s street in Oslo and that she crashed into several parked cars before leaving the vehicle on 29 September last year.

The artist has always claimed that the incident occurred during a parking lot and that she never came to the parked cars. 

When Mwangi was checked by the police two hours later, she had a promille of 2.2. The police also found THC, the active substance in cannabis, in her blood. According to the statement, the 31-year-old turned out to be opposed when the police checked her.

The 31-year-old has always claimed she drank alcohol after her car was parked. When the trial started against her, the prosecutor dropped the appeal point of execution, but asked for the 31-year-old to be sentenced to have drunk after an accident and for the harassment of a public official.

In court, Mwangi denied all appeals and was acquitted by the court. 

The police in Oslo tell NRK that they are aware of the verdict. The prosecutor will decide whether the case will be appealed, but it is not yet settled.

– A nightmare

The former Melodi Grand Prix winner says that the claim that she should have stung from a serious traffic incident has been extra heavy to swallow. Her father Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia was killed in Ullensaker in 2012 after a driver drove on him and dropped off. The driver was sentenced for the crash.

“Accidents are something that’s happening, but getting rid of is something I could never have done. I am a very responsible person. It was a nightmare to get such accusations, and it did everything much worse for both me and the family, “Mwangi told NRK.

Mwangi tells NRK that she had suffered heavily after the arrest and that she was not herself for over two months after it happened.

“I lived with my friends and my sister, because I could not be alone or walk alone on the street. I was terrified every time I heard sirens or police.

The court held that it was predominantly likely that Mwangi drove in a drunk state, but it cannot be ruled out that the course of events was the way she explained.

Mwangi killed a half-bottle of whiskey mixed with coke and one beer before being arrested by the police. Mwangi says that she was not supposed to drink so much, but that she still felt nice and in a good mood when the police arrested her.

– Is there something that happened on the day you regret?

– That I was so eager to begin the party. But I and my friends had planned it for so long. But regret and regret … I do not know if I should regret. I was going to party, she said.

– The music saved me again

While Stella Mwangi waited for trial, she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix. There she performed the song “You Got Me” together with Alexandra Rotan.

“I was contacted by MGP, and I thought this was a great opportunity for me to come back and be positive. It took up much of my thoughts, and working with the preparation made me feel like life. It was my medicine, “she says.

– How did you do it during the run-up to MGP?

“I had scars in my heart and wanted to talk publicly about the matter, but my lawyer advised me. Alexandra noticed that there was something wrong with me since I suddenly could break down and start laughing at exercise.

“Did you doubt if you could do MGP?

“Yes, I thought,” What happens if I’m just laughing and telling me what I’ve experienced? “I had been very depressed for months and took drugs for fear. But that was the music that saved me again, “she said.

– Have you been afraid that this could hurt your career?

“Yes, especially when the media started calling my business partners before they came to terms. But not now. I have kept my mind all the way, and now everyday life begins to come back. But it has been a terrible time.

Mwangi is in no doubt that she as an artist is influenced by what she has been through.

“What I have to do now is to make happy music to find the joy of life again. I’ve just written a song where I really should be dark, but it was a joy song to go through hell but come out just as whole with a pure heart.


Original Article translated by GoogleStella Mwangi: – Et mareritt å få sånne beskyldninger




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