Suli Breaks-Spoken Word- Ambitious Girl Remix

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She said she had only ever had one serious relationship her whole life,
And that was with God,
But she had slept with about 5 guys
And I was like “Oh God”
But she looked to innocent for me to accuse
So I let her continue
Well,At 16 had a crush on dreams,
I can’t explain to you what they did to me
They helped get away from the struggles I had at home, so to them I lost my virginity,
At 18 I fell in love with ambition
And I only have myself to blame for that break u
coz the same year I had a fling with failure
That I still I reget
But I met perseverance a few moths later and now I’m engaged to success.
I replied
So I guess that means your taken and that and that made giggle
And I was just about ask for your number

And my lil sister told me men are like Santa Claus,
Once you get to a certain age you stop believing in them,
And agree wholeheartedly
So shout out to my sister who are managing to be what it’s so hard to be,
You make me whole, so it’s easy to refer to you as the other half of me,
Ambitious girl that ain’t Neva considered stripping to pay of her tuition,
She more concerned about her faith and her religion
So she work part-time as a waitress in the kitchen
And the baby mothers who still working while supporting their children
“Despite how good she look
she surprise a nigga by how good she cook
Dumplings, jolof fufu and plantin
But don’t cook too often so i don’t take advantage,”
Telling me ill get the rest of the recipes when you put a ring on it,
Coz mama didn’t raise no fool
N your father was so useless job of raising your siblings fell down to you,
So u were getting them ready for school while you were barely ready for school
No wonder why you have twice as much class of any girl to whom I’ve ever been introduced,
Ambitious girl
“Who wrote independent woman before Destiny’s child “feature”?
Woman’s worth before Alicia
And Single ladies before B
How you end up before me?”
So fly, u made me wish I had plane tickets
Just for those 11 digits

Your the kind of tweet I would retweet until my hands were “blue”?
If you were an inbox I would spam you,
And I can’t help but be sexual,
But I get turned on by your intellectual
And you can take that however you want lol,
If I offended you that’s something I can’t help
Coz you was as fine as….heaven
And I pray that is where you will be resting,


-Via University of Suli Breaks



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