Sonko-Ndile clash over Sh6.5m debts heading for court [VIDEO]

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile displays his National Council for the People Living With Disabilities card at his hotel in Machakos county 

Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile says he will sue Nairobi governor Mike  Sonko after the two clashed over an alleged Sh6.5 million debts.

Ndile leaked to the public a recorded phone conversation between him and the governor, in which Sonko hurled insults at him after he reminded the county boss to settle the bills.

It wasn’t clear from the audio recording how much Ndile was demanding from Sonko, but when reached  for clarification by the Star, he said more than Sh6.5 million.

In the leaked recording, however, Sonko denied owing Ndile. He instead told the erstwhile friend to report the matter to the police, adding that he would blacklist him from doing business with the Nairobi government.

“Bill ya akina nani? Hiyo repoti police station. Mimi sina deni yako, kwenda kabisa. Sitarudi kwako… (Whose debt? You can report to the police. I owe you nothing, go away. I’ll never come back to your place…),” Sonko said.

Attempts by the Star to reach the governor were unsuccessful. He neither responded to text messages nor returned calls.

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile next to one of the excavators he claims was used to offer services to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, 

But Ndile insisted that the debts included hotel and construction services, furniture supply, among other services offered by him to the governor.

“He must have respect for his elders. I’m not the kind of people he keeps insulting. Let’s meet in court, I will sue him for defamation and threats, alongside other charges,” Ndile said.

“I supplied him with four movable chairs, three worth Sh100,000 each, and another Sh200,000. He owes me Sh500,000 for the chairs. There is one of my excavators excavating a dam in his Mua home in Machakos county, he hasn’t paid.”

The former legislator said he was demanding payments for more than 200 hours of excavation work. He spoke to the Star at his Water Park Hotel (Macha Beach Resort) which he said Sonko owes Sh345,900 (cumulative) for food offered to him and his entourage.

Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile’s hotel in Machakos county where Governor Mike Sonko and his entourage allegedly failed to settle bills on July 19

“For the insults, we have seen many things. Saying he will bury me the way he buried my mother is disrespect to me. I’m not his CEC, he found us in leadership.”

Ndile said Sonko is a novice in politics and should go slow. He prided himself for having chaired the defunct Makueni County Council and having been a councillor for five years before being elected Kibwezi MP and later appointed as an assistant minister.

The hotel’s manager John Munyao said the services were offered between May 25 and July 20. The food allegedly served to Sonko and his team included chicken and drinks. Chicken costs between Sh800 and Sh1,000, according to Ndile.

The Star obtained a copy of the receipt from the hotel dated July 20, as part of the alleged debts, with the bill totalling Sh228,700 for a night.

Ndile said he had to end his friendship with Sonko following insults and threats to his life.

“There is another excavator that worked at his Mua home during his father’s burial. He owes me payments for 191 hours, each hour is Sh80,000. He has never paid me. He has been avoiding settling the debts, he insulted me recently after I asked him to settle the debts,” Ndile said.

“We are tired, he is no longer my friend. A friend is someone who looks on both sides, I can’t keep following him while he is oppressing me.”

Ndile claimed the governor also threatened him. He reported the matter to Machakos police station on July 9 under OB 77/9/7/2020. The station has since referred the matter to the DCI headquarters.

A  letter dated July 10 and directed to the DCI headquarters by Machakos police station OCS Gerfas Okoth, says, “The above named has reported a case of threatening via OB  77/9/7/2020 against Hon Michael Mbuvi Sonko (Nairobi     governor) but   due to the  personality involved, we have referred the complainant to your office for assistance.”




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