Sonko attacked by Mombasa Republican Council supporters

Makadara MP Gidion Mbuvi was nearly roughed up by Mombasa Republican Council supporters who had attended a court case of the group’s chairman Omar Mwamnuadzi on Wednesday.

The MP, popularly known as Sonko, was confronted outside the court by a group of MRC members who told him they did not want him to stand surety for Mr Mwamnuadzi and his wife.

Mr Mbuvi retreated to the court room, where he stayed until the mob left. “We do not want Sonko. Why write an agreement in prison?” shouted one of the supporters.

The MP told journalists that the attack was politically instigated. “I have talked with the chairman who said those making noise are not his supporters,” Mr Mbuvi said, adding that Mr Mwamnuadzi wanted him to continue pushing for the release of those in remand.

“I will not withdraw my condition; peace must be preached, cohesion must be preached. I have come here because of peace and not publicity.” The MP has promised to stand surety for Mr Mwamnuadzi, his wife Maimuna Hamisi and a Mr Hamisi Omar.

On Wednesday, the court was to decide if the prosecution had verified documents presented to court by the MP as security, but State counsel George Muriithi said the deeds are yet to be verified.

Mr Muriithi said officers from the Coast provincial criminal investigations office were in Kwale counter-checking the documents. “We are seeking time until next Monday,” Mr Muriithi told Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Joyce Gandani.

The case will be mentioned on November 12. Mr Mbuvi, who deposited the two title deeds on Monday, told the court that he would ensure the accused attend court.

On Tuesday, a court in Shanzu declined to change bond terms it had given to MRC spokesman Rashid Mraja and secretary-general Randu Nzai from movable to immovable surety.

The court was informed that Mr Mbuvi wanted to stand surety for the two and had agreed to have his title deeds deposited in court.

Prosecutor Paul Makonge told the court that he had strict instructions to oppose the change of bond terms.

The magistrate, who noted that nothing new had been brought to warrant the change of bond terms, said he is not bound by what transpires in other cases, and that each court has its own discretion.

However, the court granted the two a Sh1 million cash bail noting that the prosecution had no opposition to the same. The MP stood surety after signing a “peace agreement” with Mr Mwamnuadzi, Mr Mraja, and Mr Nzai.

Mr Mwamnuadzi has been charged with being in possession of a gun and 15 bullets alongside his wife while Mr Mraja has been accused of inciting violence. Mr Nzai has been accused of consorting with an armed person.



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