Simple but effective way to stay away from malware

malwarevirusEven tho we try to secure our information using potential antivirus the hackers try to bypass it and stay updated to it in every level.i personally snooped around and was able to see how things work out, and in my best i have come up with few methods to keep potential virus at bay

Nowadays these people use tricky methods to lure us and make our self a victim to it

the best way to stay out of it is not to download potential pirated software’s , as all of them in either way will contain some spyware in it to make our pc a slave to them, once it is done, our pc becomes a slave to them, and they can use it for either collect our confidential information or use our own computer for other illegal means

the following things that i am about to share might be new to some of them but this is how they work

First whenever we try to download any software from third party websites, the up-loaders always attach a virus scan link to verify that their software is clean from viruses to ensure the users that their product is clean and will not affect them in any way.

Initially they use something called as file pumper, the purpose of this application is nothing but to increase the file size of any file to the desired size, for eg if you were to download some file and its size is 7 mb for which they would have attached a virus scan link and the link results will say that the file is clean, what the hackers will do is that they will create an empty file and will rename the file to the desired application to which you are going to download and then by using the file pumper will increase the size to be exact to the one that you are going to download and will upload the file to the virus scan page since the file is an empty one the scan results will be positive, and users will think that the file that they are going to download is clean as well and will download the file and in turn they will be infected.

Hackers they also use antivirus killer application (definition), the purpose of the application is nothing but to bypass the scanner of the major antivirus applications, making it undetectable and they stay to run on background silently and gather potential information about the users.

the next two things that i am about to share has similar resemblance to the one i mentioned above but varies in functionality,

first one is called java drive by virus(Definition), the purpose of this one is nothing but when we visit potential harmful website the virus automatically installs in one PC without the need to click on any links, the only major thing needed for this was that the victims PC had to have java installed in their PC, but recently Java upgraded their platform and its not same as before for the hackers to use them.

the next is binders and crypters, this as far as i can see is the most effective one the hackers use at large level, this is the most potential harmful one as far as i have seen, the reason its mostly becomes FUD (Fully Undetectable) it is similar to antivirus killer and java drive by at few levels, but the cautious thing in this one is it varies in functionality at various level,  hackers program it in such a way it automatically installs in the victim PC and  most crypters they will kill other crypters that is present in the victims PC and they will occupy the host, most crypters work in such a way that they will intially auto install the virus and will delete the host files and the most important thin is that they will not pop up in the task manager using this kind of method the hackers try to get slaves(victims) at large level….

there are more information to what i have mentioned above but this is what i was able to gather so far at this level, all the information that i have provided is only for educational purposes.

even tho there are a lot of antivirus out there not all of them could kill the virus or malware and keep our PC secure

i found these three simple applications one is a paid one which comes with free trial and other 2 are freeware but when you combine these three they turn out to be a very potential and powerful one in defending your PC from harmful viruses and other malware.

Super antispyware download

Adw cleaner download

And JRT download



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