Shock after Kenyan man learns 3 children are not his after 15 years of marriage

Infidelity TestA farmer Thursday got a rude shock after learning that the three children he has been taking care of during 15 years of marriage are not his.

His wife, an employee of Elgeyo-Marakwet County, early this year sued a lecturer at the University of Eldoret, for neglecting the three children he sired with her.

But little did the woman know that a neighbour had tipped off her husband of the developments.

The couple has lived together for 15 years, and the man was unaware that the three children he was bringing up were not his.

With the urge to establish why his wife had moved to court, the man sought to be enjoined in the case as an interested party.

Eldoret Resident Magistrate Tom Olando granted his application, and that’s how he came to learn that he is not the father of the three children.

The man was taken aback when results of DNA tests conducted on the children and the other parties on January 5 revealed that he is not the father of any of them.


“I was shocked when the first DNA test revealed that I am not the father of the children I have known to be mine for years. I hadn’t noticed any sign that my wife was cheating on me,” said the distraught man.

He said since he is a farmer in Uasin Gishu, he spent most of his time there and visited his wife and children in Elgeyo-Marakwet from time to time.

“At no time did it occur to me that I was playing someone else’s parental role,” he added.

He requested the court to order fresh DNA tests on all the parties at the Kenya Medical Research Institute.

The second DNA result is expected to be released in court on March 12.

The three parties have been ordered to appear in court on that day for further directions.

Mr Olando assured the husband that if the second test showed he is not the father of any of the children, he would be compensated for looking after them for 15 years.



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