Sh1bn Kiserian dam launch to ease water scarcity

damResidents of Kiserian, Ongata Rongai, Matasia and Ngong near Nairobi will enjoy improved water supply from Monday when a new dam constructed at a cost of Sh1 billion starts operations.

The Kiserian Dam will be handed to the Oloolaiser Water Service Company by the contractor.

“The project has been successfully tested for operations,” said the dam’s resident engineer Joseph Makori.  The dam is expected to solve the perennial water problems in the satellite towns.

“This is a great opportunity for the investors to create more job opportunities in horticulture, recreation and other business ventures due to water availability,” said Kajiado county Senate-elect, Peter ole Mositet.

The project that covers 50 hectares of land will benefit more than 150,000 households in Kajiado North and Kajiado West constituencies.

The dam along Kiserian River was started in 1992 to check flooding but stalled for lack of funds until three years ago when its construction resumed.

The project entailed a completion of a construction of a 17-metre high earth dam embankment, a spill way, intake tower and raw water main pipes.

A group of business people in the real estate sector became the first to benefit from the project as prices of land start rising because of the landmark.

Mr Makori said the dam has a capacity of 1.2 trillion litres and capable of supplying 15,700 litres per day to households and business premises. “We have a big room for expansion,” he said.

National Water Corporation and Pipeline Corporation general Manager Samson Kitwili said an Sh800 million sewerage system planned for the area was complete. Political leaders promised to lobby for funding of the sewerage system.

Developers have blamed poor sanitation system in the satellite towns for the high cost of housing, because they have to invest heavily waste management and disposal.

Water scarcity in many regions in Kenya forces residents to depend on boreholes, shallow wells and seasonal rivers for water, which is also shared with livestock.

Over the years, the government has been accused of the laxity to harvest rain water that go to waste yearly.

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