‘Sex for cab fares’ cases up in Kenya


For many taxi drivers in Nairobi their greatest fear is either being carjacked or killed while on duty.

However, they are now faced with a bigger threat. Female clients now prefer to pay for cab services in kind.

They demand that taxi drivers have sex with them to ‘clear the bill’

Jeff, a taxi operator in Upper Hill, recently fell into the trap.

He drove a female customer from Westlands to her home in Umoja and what transpired later baffled him.

“One of my loyal female customer gave her colleague my number. The friend requested me to be picking and dropping her home everyday. I did not suspect anything fishy deal and was happy this was a good,” he said.

“On the material day she called me around 6pm to pick her in Westlands. But when we arrived to her place in Umoja, she claimed the money was in the house and requested that we go pick it.”

Half-heartedly Jeff agreed. He was ushered in the beautifully furnished sitting room and was told to feel at home. The lady later dashed into another room.

“I could not believe my eyes when the woman emerged with a towel tied to her waist. She said she was willing to pay for the services by having sex with me. I took off before she could utter any other word,” Jeff said.

Another taxi operator in Industrial Area, Tony, said: “What can you conclude when a woman in a mini-skirt insists to sit with you in the front seat? That is a temptation. Some drivers can’t concentrate on the road,” says Tony.

Jeff added: “I have encountered more than 20 female clients willing to pay me through sex. It is outrageous. Recently, one client told me my daytime services were not needed, but ‘myself’.”

A number of taxi operators who spoke to The Nairobian in different locations of the city shared similar experiences.

-The Nairobian



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