Senior Kiambu cops stalling crime fight, says county boss

Kiambu County Commissioner Esther Maina

Kiambu County Commissioner Esther Maina

Kiambu County Commissioner Esther Maina has accused senior law enforcers of frustrating her efforts to fight crime in the area. She said part of her problem stems from the concentration of the top cops from one region, who have made it difficult to implement county security meetings proposals.

The county boss said at times the officers resort to their mother tongue during formal security meetings to lock her out of the proceedings and make her feel an unwanted individual despite being the convener of the forums.

The seemingly desperate county boss told the media she had raised the matter with her seniors, saying although no action has been taken, she vowed to soldier on and not to be cowed by the saboteurs.

Maina said she had numerously recommended the transfer and disciplining of errant police officers in the county but her plea have fallen on deaf ears, a situation she said has compromised security in the area.

Various community policing chairmen among them Benson Mangara of Limuru sub-county told the People Daily that numerous reports on criminal activities and leads to the perpetrators have been trashed.

He claimed he had at one time overheard senior police officers saying they are not bothered with insecurity in the county and all that mattered was their salaries. The chairman said it was high time police officers who collude with criminals were sacked and prosecuted to ensure the rotten eggs are not moved elsewhere to promote insecurity.

“The action does not only require transfer, but also prosecution of those found colluding with criminals,” he said. Limuru MP Kiragu Chege decried the spiralling rate of both petty and violent robberies in the county and attributed the same to ineptitude and laxity among police officers.

Maina had late last year intimated that she would push for the transfer of all police officers in Ndumberi and other areas for concentrating on collecting bribes from bars at the expense of arresting crime.

However, Kiragu appealed to Kiambu residents not to harbour criminals, saying it is civic responsibility to volunteer information to police to help them fight crime.

But Mangara accused police of lacking confidentiality thereby discouraging locals from volunteering crucial information. He said the much-touted community policing initiative is being undermined by senior police officers in the area

-People Daily




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