Security Bolstered after MRC Attack Leaves 14 Dead in Mombasa

POLICE-OFFICERS-LORRYMore police officers have been flown to Mombasa following Monday morning’s killing of 14 people – among them six policemen – during a clash near the Changamwe police station and in Kilifi.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said that the Mombasa attack occurred when officers were trapped in an ambush by Mombasa Republican Council attackers who were headed to attack a police station.

“At around 11pm, Changamwe police received reports that over 200 people believed to be MRC members armed with rifles, bows and arrows were heading to attack a police station around the Miritini area,” he revealed.

“They were donning red and blue ribbons and the officers fell into an ambush as the attackers were strategically placed on both sides of the road,” Kimaiyo said.

He said that his officers were overpowered and during the incident, six of them died.

“Two attackers were also killed and two were arrested and remain in custody, aiding police with the investigations,” he added.

Kimaiyo revealed that another incident was also reported in Chumani area of Kilifi where MRC militants attacked police officers and stole their rifles before killing one of them.

During the confrontation, six attackers were shot dead and two others arrested.

He also disclosed that there was a grenade blast at Anti Shifta AP camp in Garissa on Sunday night at 9pm where a public works officer was killed and an employee of the Kenya Red Cross was injured.

Kimaiyo confirmed that 400 police officers have been flown to Mombasa to provide a back up to a team which had been deployed there since last week.
“All police officers have been instructed to be keen and on the lookout for any possible assailants and they’ve been directed to use their firearms as provided bythe law, to ensure that no further loss of life is experienced,” he emphasised.

“Members of the public are called upon to come out in large numbers before 5pm to vote. The police service is committed and ready to put their lives on the line to ensure that the members of the public are safe,” he added.

He reminded the Kenyan people that if they failed to vote out of fear, the assailants shall have achieved their objective.

“Shame them by coming out and voting in large numbers,” he emphasised.

“People claiming to be members of the MRC should understand that this is the only opportunity that they have to show their areas of discontent through the ballot so they should not be putting lives of their followers at risk by attacking securitypersonnel,” he added.

He urged all voters to be patient with IEBC officials, noting that there may be hiccups here and there.- Capital FM News



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