Scores mourn gospel artist Rose Muhando’s baby loss after abortion allegations

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando

Following last week’s shocking media allegations that celebrated Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando had terminated a seven-month’s pregnancy, reports from Tanzania are now indicating the act was out of health issues.

After she was quizzed by police late last week, the singer whose hit songs have made her a household name across East Africa, it is reported that Muhando admitted having lost the pregnancy through a legally procured abortion as “her life was in danger”.

The story has created a major buzz across the region as in Tanzania, abortion is a punishable crime that gets offenders sentenced to up to seven years in prison. It also borders issues of morality and religious belief.

Reports by our Tanzanian source indicated that the Nibebe singer, who is also a mother of three, procured the abortion due to pregnancy and health complications she had been trying to manage for over seven months.

It is said that her doctor advised that she terminates the life of the baby, or else she would lose her own life.

Earlier, it had been claimed that the abortion had been out of shame as the pregnancy was from an illicit affair with another gospel artistes, rumours that have since been dismissed.

After revelations that the multiple-award winning star had lost her baby to health complications, players in the gospel industry have been pouring their sympathy, wishing her well during these trying times.





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