Safaricom Launches a New Series of M-PESA Ads


M-PESA has with no doubt cemented itself as the most convenient and comforting mobile phone-based financial service, the world over. It has helped open opportunities for Kenyans and impacted many lives in many positive ways. M-PESA creates a feeling of comfort at the back of the mind of every Kenyan.

It is given that majority of Kenyans look up to M-PESA for many of their financial transactions. M-PESA has made is easy for Kenyans to go about their daily routines with the comforting thought that they have a safe, convenient, quick and innovative way of handling any transactions.

From the ‘mama mboga’ in a village somewhere to a business magnate closing deals in a lavish hotel in the city, M-PESA is the first thing that comes to mind when a need for a financial transaction arises. Whether it is paying bills, buying airtime or avoiding the long inconveniencing queues in banks and utility paypoints, M-PESA has the solution for you.
So the next time a financial need arises, sit back, relax and bask in the peace that comes with the reassurance that you have got M-PESA.



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