Robert Mugabe accuses ministers of promiscuity

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has again hit out at his ministers, accusing them of engaging in extra-marital affairs.

Speaking at his niece’s wedding in Harare on Saturday, the 89 year-old leader said his lieutenants took advantage of their wealth to have a string of unofficial wives commonly referred to as ‘small houses’ in Zimbabwe.

“The wealth some of these people have is what is causing problems,” Mugabe said. “I said to the Cabinet the other day: ‘Looking at all of you, who I can say does not have a small house?’ Let us not follow that. One man, one wife and your marriage will go a long way.”

He urged women not to be involved with married men saying this would help the practice stop. “The ladies must fight this …they are the people in ‘small houses’,” President Mugabe said.


He joked that he has been invited to many weddings but is never informed of divorces. “I get invited to many weddings and often get asked to stand up and dance in celebration, which I do,” President Mugabe said. “But later I get told that wedding has failed and I wonder why I was dancing. I never get invited to the divorces.”

In 2011, President Mugabe told an AIDS conference that he knew of government officials living with the disease who had multiple sexual partners. “Cases of promiscuity are now rampant even in Zanu PF,” he said at the time.

President Mugabe early this year admitted he had an extra-marital affair that resulted in the birth of his first born daughter with his current wife Grace.

He had the affair while still married to his first wife, Sally, who died of a kidney ailment in 1992.

Zimbabwe once had one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world but this has now declined to 13 percent.




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