‘#REACTVERTISING’: How Kenya Corporates got involved in the #PoleKwaMwirigi hash tag

mwirigiFashion blogger Sharon Mundia, popularly known as @ThisisEss posted a detailed account of her engagement and the marriage proposal by fiancee Lonina Leteipan, Relationship Manager at Chase Bank Kenya which caused a social media buzz.

Through a blog post, Mundia whose fashion blog has earned her endorsements deals with Samsung, Uber Taxi cab services and Store 66 clothing line, share about a helicopter ride atop Mt Kenya and a reservation at Mt Kenya Lodge.

She went on to detail how her boyfriend, now fiance popped the question which has generated a discussion on romanticism since the post went online Tuesday.

Of more prominence however was a trending topic on micro-blogging site Twitter in which a user @Mwirigi became the topic of discussion, after an impression was created that he had interests in Mundia, but was beaten to the punch, in a manner of speaking, by Leteipan.

What followed was a series of tweets under the hash tag #PoleKwaMwirigi which saw genuinely concerned people express sympathy, while others made fun of the whole situation.

Of particular interest is the corporate entities that joined the online conversation in expressing sympathy to Mwirigi, and at the same time selling their products.

For some it was a more natural involvement that made the inclusion of their products a soft sell, while others fared less effectively in the conversation.

IMax movie theatre, KFC and Kenya Airways managed to join the hash tag in both a humorous and non-intrusive way while managing to sell their products and services. Pass


So, while Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Kenya was celebrating something entirely different.

For some, it was Sharon Mundia’s engagement while for some it was the roast of Bobby Mwirigi and we have Currie_Powder to thank (or blame).

For those who do not have the back story, it may all may not fit here, but Sharon is a hot, celebrated fashion blogger (she also works for Capital FM and has a segment called Our2Cents) and Bobby is …a blogger, car enthusiast, Lumia ambassador, BAKE Co-founder (I Think). Currie_Powder is a tweep and lion herder and a respected member of #KOT trolls club and #TeamMafisi (Also great conqueror of Kola Boof). Bobby, allegedly has a huge crush on Sharon and ‘everybody’ knows.

This is how it all started, with a tweet (and I believe a Facebook also) from Sharon about her engagement, which as we would all expect, probably, broke Bobby’s heart.


Surprisingly, even Chase Bank Kenya Limited where Mundia’s fiance works failed to engage in the conversation with positive impact.

Some of the corporates that joined in on the conversation we will leave to the reader to decide on whether they were effective or not.



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