Prophecy: Maasai presidency in 49 years

Ole Ntokote prophesying in Ngong last week

Ole Ntokote prophesying in Ngong last week

A famous Maasai seer Isaiah ole Ntokote has prophesied that a Maasai presidency will be realized in 49 years.

The charming seer uttered the words to the shock of a gathering in Ngong, Kenya, during the election of a new chairman for the controversial Kibiko Ranch.

The gathering listened in grave silence as the  prophet reminded them of his previous prophesies that have come to pass including the shift of political power to a community that now boasts of two leaders i.e. Senator Mositet and legislator Moses ole Sakuda.

Ole Ntokote did not however specify whether the Maasai presidency will happen in Kenya or Tanzania.

But if the election calendars in both countries remain as it is now, the prophecy will come true in 2060 in Tanzania or 2062 in Kenya.

What do you think?

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