Prof Kindiki: 5 Reasons Why Cord’s call for talks is misplaced


Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki.

Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki believes Cord is a big let- down to its supporters, the latest confirmation being Monday’s Saba Saba rally at Uhuru Park.

Enumerating five reasons why the rally will add no value to Kenyans, the Tharaka-Nithi Senator told the Sunday Nation the Opposition has squandered numerous opportunities they would have used to keep the government on check.

1. Rally a threat to national security: The kind of messages Cord has been sending out in their rallies are a threat to national security.

What we have seen so far is incitement to lawlessness. This benefits none of us should this country be ripped apart in the name of rallies wrought with hate speech. The call for Saba Saba only provides a fertile ground for this.

From what we have seen, Cord is behaving as if there are other ways other than the Constitution in addressing legal issues like the disbandment of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and strengthening devolution. This route can only lead to anarchy.

2. Jubilee supports objective talks within established institutions:

I can guarantee that a discussion between elected leaders inside the established institutions like Parliament can achieve better results than rallies.

They have legitimately elected leaders who can raise these issues but by ignoring them, it is an indictment on their leaders. This means they do not believe in them. We won’t have any problem supporting any good move if it were initiated by the Opposition so long as it will benefit the country.

3. Nature of demands by Cord untenable:

No meaningful solution to insecurity can be found in rallies where calls for the sacking of security chiefs like Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and Inspector-General David Kimaiyo.

Cord says the security situation is one of the factors that have occasioned calls for what they call consultative meetings. Cord leadership says their supporters have been suggesting remedies to the challenges the country faces and based on that, they will make a resolution on the way forward on Monday, how can this be? Security is a complex matter that you do not joke with, nothing good will come from rally choruses.

4. Cord thrives on hypocrisy: It is hypocritical for Cord leaders to issue ultimatums when they have nothing to show for the years they served in government. It is the larger Kenyan public who will judge us after five years and not an overbearing Opposition.

Saba Saba is not the way to go. These fellows are being insincere on this. Mr Odinga was a very powerful prime minister in the last government, what legacy did he leave other than the Kazi Kwa Vijana initiative which turned out to be a big scam? It is the same script for Mr Musyoka who has been in government for almost his entire life in politics.

They must be patient with us and if they have any ideas they feel can help improve the state of affairs, let them give them to us for consideration but this will not happen through the so-called national dialogue.

5. Reinvigorate your troops in Parliament:

The Opposition either lacks direction or leadership in Parliament. Reinventing this will create a positive impact as opposed to rallies.

Today, there is no shadow cabinet in Parliament to check the activities of the government, we do it ourselves. In serious democracies with pluralism, by now, you would have seen the Opposition table an alternative budget.

These guys are sleeping. Some of these changes they are talking about could be championed in such forums. Interestingly, until now, we have not seen a motion from Cord to try to address the issues they are busy talking about in public.



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