President Uhuru Kenyatta’s elder sister escapes unhurt from mall

kimaiyoPresident Uhuru Kenyatta’s elder sister, Christine Wambui Pratt, 61, was one of the victims in the Westgate Mall when terrorists raided the complex Saturday.

Wearing a white top and khaki skirt Ms Pratt came out running barefoot, distraught, carrying her black shoes and handbag, with a securex guard by her side. She was received by friends and guided into a waiting blue Mercedes, parked on Peponi road.

She was uninjured.

Ms Pratt was one of the many shoppers who were caught up in the deadly encounter with gunnen.

Family members were seen frantically trying to reach their loved ones who were inside the mall.

Zuleka Khalid, a Red Cross volunteer, guided the injured into ambulances as she waited to hear about her daughter who was in Nakumatt.

She was preparing to attend Safari Sevens, in Kasarani, when her 18-year-old daughter called her to say there were gun shots at the mall. Ms Khalid had sent her daughter and son, 16, to the bank when the shooting started.

She drove to the mall, and saw her son but her daughter was still inside.

She was rescued, three hours later.

One of the victims she helped was a family of three, who have recently moved to Kenya from South Africa. Tracy, 48, had come for lunch with her daughter Gabi, 16, and son Zack 18. They were seated at the terrace when the shooting started and they run for cover.

Lucy Njuguna, 31, works at Ashleys hair saloon, on the second floor. She was seated at a bench outside the saloon when they hard a GSU guard on first floor shouting and shooting.

They saw everyone at Dormans on the ground floor lying on the ground.




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