‘Posh’ estate in Nakuru with too many problems

A woman trying to salvage her belongings destroyed by flood water at Olive In Kiamunyi Nakuru County

The mention of Nakuru’s Kiamunyi Estate evokes the image of a lushy green suburb in an affluent region as a preferred investment destination.

Kiamunyi was an acronym of Kiambu, Murang’a and Nyeri(Kia-Mu-Nyi), the three counties in the Central Kenya whose residents were the first settlers in the area.

Lying in the suburbs of Nakuru town and about two kilometres from the Central Business District and with more space for expansion, it is an area that in the sixties and seventies had hundreds of acres of arable land and forestland on the Western side of Menengai Crater.

Kiamunyi is located between former President Daniel arap Moi’s Kabarak home and the London Estate.

And as the population rose in Nakuru town in the late eighties, it came with the pressure on the need of more housing units. As the scramble for property business intensified, many property agents set their sights on Kiamunyi.

The area is highly sought after for residential property.

It is an area with high land prices ranging between Sh1.5 million to Sh5 million for an eighth of an acre.

Despite the area being an affluent zone that can only be compared to some Nairobi Upmarket Estates; it has over the years suffered from persistent water shortages.

Another problem is lack of a proper sewerage system. This has forced residents to go for septic tanks. “We have lived with all these problems for close to two decades and we are used to them. However, we do not know when it will come to end,” says Lydiah Otieno, a resident.

“The rich have only built apartments and villas in residential areas that can only be afforded by the affluent members of the society driving out the younger population who can only fit in single rooms, bed sitters and one bedroom houses,” says Property consultant Elly Ogutu.

The villas and apartments built on owner occupier compounds that are mostly three to four bedroomed maisonette for monthly rent is between Sh 25,000 to Sh 40,000, says to Ogutu.

Ray of hope

However, an announcement by Governor Lee Kinyanjui to involve Vitens Evides International of Netherlands in a Sh1.3 billion water project that would allow the residents to benefit from uninterrupted water supply and bring to stop persistent water shortages before the end of the year has given some hope to the Kiamunyi residents.

Among projects lined up to alleviate water shortage in Kiamunyi is drilling of a Sh10 million borehole at Kerma along the Njoro — Nakuru Road earmarked to produce 10,000 cubic metres per hour that will kill the water hawking business by Naruwassco.

“Kiamunyi residents should have water flowing in their taps in December. For now, work is still going on and some parts of Kiamunyi like Baraka Estate should have water by August,” saidNaruwasco Managing Director Reuben Korir.

On the construction of a modern sewerage system in the area, the Naruwassco boss admitted it was beyond their financial means. However, he said they are planning to purchase a sewerage harvester in the 2021/2022 Financial Year to assist Kiamunyi residents.




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