Popular Gospel artiste Ringtone fears for his life


Popular gospel musician Ringtone whose real name is Alex Apoko is living in fear.

This comes after unknown people disrupted his video shoot for his yet to be released track ‘Muziki ni dawa’ on Sunday afternoon.

The unknown persons driving in a white Volkswagen Toureg SUV, attempted to drive though the set of the video shoot outside Macmillan library on Banda Street which had been cordoned off for the shoot in the process destroying some of the recording equipment.

The driver of the SUV then attempted to run over the artiste who managed to step out of harm’s way in time. One person was arrested during the incident and charged with malicious damage to property.

Ringtone recorded a statement at central police statement on Tuesday afternoon. In the statement, he expressed fears for his life after he noticed a white Subaru car trailing him from Kimathi street where he had parked his car outside Nanak House at 9.30 pm on Monday night.

The artiste drove towards Nakumatt Junction where he circled the roundabout several times in a bid to shake off the trailing Subaru.

The artiste in his statement does not name any suspects as he has no clue of who might wish to harm him.

“The truth will eventually come out. I have not wronged anyone and I cannot finger who is behind this or what is their motivation. My life is above board.”

Police have confirmed his allegations and are looking into the issue.

Ringtone on his part says that he will keep at his music regardless of any distractions as his life is in God’s hands.

“I leave it to God. The people who are trying to run me down will not succeed.” He concludes.

The artiste is currently riding high with his Jubilation remix hit. Last year he was voted the male artiste of the year at the Mwafaka Music Awards.

Watch Ringtone scamper off his own shoot.




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