Police arrests daring robbers who spent a week making merry in trader’s house in Matuu, Machakos County [VIDEO]

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Police are holding four suspected robbers who raided the home of a businessman in Matuu Town, Machakos County, and lived there for a week, dining and making merry.

The owner was away at the time.


The gang of 10 shocked police officers and neighbours of Mr Michael Matheka by how daring they were to spend an entire week cooking, watching television, sleeping and taking away his household goods at their convenience.

In one of the most brazen robberies, the thieves are believed to have spent the day in the businessman’s home and would only move goods at night.

They would then sneak back into the home before dawn and continue partying.


During the day, the suspects would harvest fish from the trader’s pond in the compound and treat themselves to a meal of fried fish and Ugali, not once or twice, but several times.

The gang appeared to have monitored Mr Matheka’s movements and established that he would be away for several days.

Mr Matheka operates an electronics shop in Wote Town, Makueni County.

According to Mr Matheka, they scaled his perimeter wall and disabled the electric fence.

They then used a ladder to access the house through a balcony, and opened the door using a master key.

“They were not noticed for several days because they did not break any door, which could have aroused my neighbours’ suspicions,” Mr Matheka told the Nation on the phone.


He said they made themselves comfortable for a week with all the wine he had left in the house and they feasted on his food.

A week earlier, Mr Matheka was involved in a road accident near Tawa Market in Mbooni.

On person was killed and he stayed in Makueni to help organise the burial.

“It’s like they were fully aware that I’ll be away with my family for long because they stayed in my house without a worry about being caught,” he said.


Neighbours initially thought the suspects were Mr Matheka’s relatives until they saw them moving goods out at night.

They then alerted the businessman and the police, who raided the home on Friday afternoon.

The suspects jumped over the perimeter wall and fled after police fired in the air but residents pursued them and cornered four of them.

They threatened to lynch them.


Matuu OCPD Edward Kipsang Changach said his officers arrested the four suspects and are looking for their six accomplices who escaped.

Police are also looking for a Kenya Defence Forces officer who was named by one of the suspects during interrogation.

Mr Changach said detectives have recovered household goods including electronics, furniture, utensils and other items from the suspects.

The stolen items are valued at approximately Sh650,000.

Mr Changach said the suspects would be arraigned at the Kithimani law courts on Monday.



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