Pictures of Faith Wambua, ‘Brave Mother’ Hiding With Two Children in Westgate Mall, Inspire Kenyans

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Faith Wambua has been identified as the mother covering her son and lying next to her daughter in the Westgate mall attack, with people saying that she showed bravery in her actions.

Wambua and her two children all made it out safely from the harrowing situation, in which gunmen entered the Nairobi mall and began shooting dozens of people.

There are several different photos circulating of Wambua and her children taking cover in the mall.

Wambua and her children played dead when a man reached under the screen (in the picture on the left-hand side), unsure of whether he was a friend or foe. Eventually he convinced them he was a friend, and the three escaped with his help, shown in this Unsung Hero Video. Friends on social media said that they were rescued after four hours.

People became further interested in Wambua’s story when Kenyan blogger Robert Alai tweeted out one of the pictures, asking “Who knows this brave mother?”

He later received information that it was Faith Wambua, who works at the World Agroforestry Centre, or ICRAF.



Her full name, according to her LinkedIn page, is Faith Wambua-Luedeling.

People lauded Wambua’s bravery.

“In times like these, we have to celebrate courage of ordinary individuals like Faith Wambua. Putting a face to the struggle,” said Alai.

“She is a hero to her little ones and this pictures really bring tears to any parent to imagine being in this situation,” said Quinter Odhiambo.

Wambua “truly” showed “mother’s love” by making sure her two children were safe, said Collins Oundo via Facebook, who added that Wambua was one of five Kenyans who especially made him proud during the Westgate attack.

“Nothing can be compared to motherly love absolutely nothing, God bless that mother and all mothers,” said Nya K’aruoth on Facebook.

“She calmed her children and covered her son’s ears in the second picture not to hear the gun shots that would fill him with terror,” said Anjeline Okola on Facebook. “Faith, may you never lack a thing and may you and the children always enjoy peace. Bless you indeed!”

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Source:The Epoch Times



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