Pastor Wanjiru in fight with Cameroonian hubby

Cameroonian Fouassou Malgore

Cameroonian Fouassou Malgore

Kenyan pastor wants Fouassou Malgore, her Cameroonian husband of 17 years deported because he is allegedly a fake gold dealer with links to Anthony Chinedu.

This comes barely four months after Kenya was nearly thrown into a diplomatic row with Nigerian over the deportation of Chinedu whom the government suspects is a drug dealer.

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But Malgore, who is said to be immensely wealthy, is accusing Catherine Wanjiru, his estranged wife and pastor of a city church, of adultery and plotting to have him kicked out of Kenya so that she can inherit his wealth estimated to be in millions.

Malgore, the President of Cameroonians living in Kenya, also accuses a Ghanaian identified as Apostle Raymond — who he claims to have brought into Kenya — as the cause of the problems rocking his marriage to Pastor Wanjiru.

“I brought this man Raymond into this country when he was a poor little boy, but he has now run away with my wife,” Malgore told The Nairobian, a day after Pastor Wanjiru revealed that she had damning evidence against her husband.

“She can’t have me deported. It is something she has tried before.”

Wanjiru of the Lovesprings Church is also accusing her husband of adultery as the basis for her intended divorce application claiming Malgore was a disastrous man who had endangered her own life and that of their two children.

“Malgore is a dangerous man who I have been running away from. He is even using the police to frustrate my life,” Wanjiru said in the accusations and counter-accusations between the estranged spouses.

“I do not even know where he lives. Neither does he bother to know how his own children are living,” added the pastor.

She further said she has opted out of the marriage because her life “has been ruined enough”.

She said Apostle Raymond was a fellow worshipper who had offered her a job as a pastor in the church which Malgore claims to have started with a seed investment of Sh2 million.

The money was allegedly spent on furniture, public address system and rent.

In one of the latest instances where problems in the rocky marriage have come to the light, Malgore had reported that his wife stole seven cars belonging to a company they own while he was away in Khartoum on a business deal gone bad.

The seven cars, including a BMW and a Mercedes Benz, were for a rent-a-car business jointly owned. But Wanjiru allegedly ‘forged’ his signature to irregularly sell them, the Cameroonian claims.

However, Wanjiru said she was forced to sell the cars to maintain her family because her husband had been locked up in Khartoum after he was arrested and charged for travelling with a fake Congolese passport.

In his defence, Malgore accuses Wanjiru of running away with Sh18 million which he gave her to bring home, being payment for precious minerals that he had sold.

But she declined to give the gold to the buyer, hence his troubles in Khartoum.

Malgore admits he served 27 months in a Sudanese jail before he was finally released to come back to his home only to find his tennis-champion daughter converted to an usher in the church where her mother is a pastor.

“I am demanding that Raymond returns my Sh2 million which I paid him to pray for my daughter to become a World tennis champion,” Malgore said.

-The Nairobian



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