Online house hunters value secure neighbourhoods in Kenya

ONLWith 26.1 million Kenyans now online, the internet offers a great platform for real estate agents, sellers, landlords and potential tenants to transact business.

Data on internet searches to rent, buy or sale property reveals that security is a top priority for potential home buyers when they are seeking to buy or rent property.

With the increasing reports of burglary, armed robbery and other cases of insecurity, it is understandable that many would want to be assured of their safety before buying or renting a house.

At Lamudi, arguably Kenya’s largest property’s portal with over 100,000 visits per month, the public relations manager Susan Mumbua tellsDN2 that people calling or searching their site regularly ask to be directed to ‘secure neighbourhoods’.

The clients will normally enquire about the developer’s  efforts to make the property secure.

“Houses that have specifics like a perimeter wall, have enlisted the services of a security firm to guard the gates and have cameras installed are bought or occupied faster”, she said.

Lamudi’s online traffic, Susan says, is concentrated mostly at the end of the month for clients seeking to rent while potential buyers visit the portal almost on a daily basis.


By assessing online site visits, Susan arrived at the conclusion that people in Nairobi are willing to forgo the convenience and cost factor as long as they are assured of security.

“A house may be available at a place closer to where they work but they will forego it the moment they hear there is no wall around it or there is a shop at the building’s ground floor”, she told DN2.

Using this data, Susan says she has arrived at the conclusion that South B where a three-bedroomed house may cost between Sh50,000 to Sh60,000 is the most popular residential area for people of middle income.

She also listed Kinoo Route 87 while Kilimani and Westlands remained popular for apartments with a price range from Sh25,000 for studio apartments to Sh35,000 for one-bedroomed houses.

Lavington emerged as most popular for buying homes.

“Many people prefer Lavington because there is no room to erect all manner of buildings in that neighbourhood”, she said, “When people are buying a home they will live in forever, they run away from places that look like the next big investment area for apartments or flats, they want peace and quiet”, she said.

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