Nyakundi Expelled From Meru University For ‘Shaming it on Social Media’

Cyprian Nyakundi, going by the Twitter handle @c_nyakundi

Cyprian Nyakundi, going by the Twitter handle @c_nyakundi

Cyprian Nyakundi, going by the Twitter handle @c_nyakundi has been expelled from Meru University, after the disciplinary council found him guilty of ‘shaming’ the institution on social media.

Nyakundi, who became a ‘twitter bigwig’ after his suspension in 2012, had apparently published several tweets pointing out flaws in the institution.
These were some of the tweets that got him in trouble.

1. “There are no enough chairs and we have to carry chairs (from block) AA to the workshop (which is too far)”

2. ” At the Cafeteria, students scrum for food because the population of admission compared to resources budgeted is too high”

3. “The road from the University to the Nchiru town, which is the nearest is very dusty”

4. “The Library is not updated and the books are outdated, with no infusion of books that address modern challenges of the professions we are being ready for in class”

5. “The Deputy Principal Academics should get serious with his work and the Dean should wake up and address our concerns and the Principal should watch out and be keen on Student Affairs”

It appears the one year suspension was not enough in the eyes of the board, and they’ve now kicked him out through this letter.


Nyakundi took to his blog, and below is his post.

I always like speaking out whenever there is a problem in society and this has not gone down very well especially with the authority of Meru University . I joined Meru University in 2011 to pursue Actuarial Science as  a Jab student . My former high school is St Mary’s School Yala. I like using social media and whenever there is a problem, I usually raise it and hear people’s views. Sincerely speaking social media is a great avenue for raising issues and even getting solutions to our dynamically changing society .

After short vacation in August 2012, I got a call from the office of the dean, the secretary told me that I was required to attend a disciplinary meeting for apparently “Tarnishing the image of the university via social media “After attending the disciplinary meeting I was warned and suspended for one academic year because I had raised the following issues

1) The university lacks enough chairs

2) The Cafeteria is too small hence students scramble for food

3) The library was not updated with modern books

4) The road was dusty and impassable

I was suspended for one academic year for raising these issues. Like a real citizen I spent the whole academic year at home. On May 2013 my suspension was over and I came back to school only to be told to go home for half an academic year because my class was not in session. I came back in September and proceeded with my studies. Then within the semester a lady approached me and told me that she had been sexually harassed by a very senior officer within the institution. I decided to raise the case on my blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts, the case was condemned by many Kenyans and even students.

While on long holiday, I was called by the school to attend a disciplinary meeting . The letter was specific ‘’ my relationship with the media and writing about anything happening in the school without the Vice Chancellor’s approval “  The letter insists that I must get approval from the VC before complaining or posting anything on social media. The school monitors all my social media accounts and they have printed all my updates and bound them into a book.

After the disciplinary meeting,   The university has decided to expel me . The letter states that ‘’ I am tarnishing the image of the university via social media “ I am speechless and not a happy man. I have really been frustrated by the university and I personally have nothing against the VC or the DVC. I am just expressing myself on social media…Many people do it, other universities do it and students are not victimized. Institutions should accept criticism just as they accept praise .

I don’t even know what to do. My education being stopped for condemning a sexual harassment case is not right in the new Kenya. I have really seen a lot of injustice and I would not like anyone to go through what I have gone through. It has been painful and very heartbreaking .




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