No, we are not ‘Juja Boys’ – JKUAT lasses say

Elzie Chebet is the vice chair of the students union at JKUAT.

Elzie Chebet is the vice chair of the students union at JKUAT.

You’ve probably heard that name before; Juja Boys. Over the years, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has owned the nickname. Initially, the name came from the ration of ladies to guys, the latter eating the larger share. JKUAT, a technology institution, had fewer ladies enrolling for courses there. Also, in campus events and gigs, only a few girls showed up.

Now, the university’s students union vice chair, Elzie Chebet, wants to put matters right. According to Elzie, who is also in charge of gender affairs, it is no laughing matter. She told Campus Vibe that anyone calling them Juja Boys deserved a penalty.

“The ratio here is now 60:40, just like any other campus. So that name is discriminatory. How do you think we feel?” asked Elzie.

She pointed out to Campus Vibe that a core member of the team that assembled the Taifa Laptop at JKUAT was a female student, who was the main exhibitor at the launch.

“We don’t want anyone calling us that name. In any case, ladies from JKUAT are among the smartest chicks around,” added Elzie.

She told Campus Vibe that it was easy to tell how intellectual their ladies were owing to the fewer scandals the university has compared to others unis.




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